[smokeping-users] Re: scalability

Keith Patton kpatton at dallas.photronics.com
Mon Aug 23 17:09:54 MEST 2004

Tobias Oetiker wrote:

>if you are using fping you may want to experiment with the fping
>options ... in the code
>if you are using echoping you may want to adjust the parameters for
>forking ...
>note that you can run multiple instances of smokeping on one
>if you use the @include directive you can even have a global config
>file for the viewer and separate ones for the gatherers ...


I am using primarily remote fping and forking doesn't work.. ( In this 
case it appears that it is already forked so the main perl doesn't 
understand a fork of a fork...) the return array becomes 
multidimensional at that point. )..

I will try the multiple instances, that should work..

Next a question for future enhancement..

Can smokeping execute a script instead of sending out email for an alert?
I have cases were to prevent false calls, it an alert trips, I would 
like to run an intellegient script to check a few things and in comes 
cases actually fix the problem  prior to sending out email..



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