[smokeping-users] RRD data and 'step' config parameter

Keith Redfield kredfield at airsurfwireless.com
Thu Dec 2 01:07:56 MET 2004

I am trying to understand how the RRD files generated by smokeping correspond to the polling interval. I simulated an outage by re-booting a monitored box and wanted to look at the raw data to see how it appeared there (smokeping.cgi shows a few ping losses, but I wanted to see timestamps). Step and pings are set to 90 and 20 in smokeping.conf.
I dumped the data using 'rrdtool dump' and it appears to only be stored as 5-min intervals [corresponding to the graph]. There are 20 data elements which appear to be latency readings for the 20 pings. However, I have 'step' configured for 90 seconds, not 300, so I would have expected to see 90-sec intervals (20 pings/interval) in the datafile. 
Is rrdtool/smokeping only storing selected readings regardless of the step interval? Or is the problem because I started this RRD file on 300sec orginally and did a 'smokeping --restart' when I later changed step to 90? (I would consider that a bug). Or am I just completely clueless as to what the raw data is actually showing?
I am using the CiscoRTTMonEchoICMP probe for this.
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