[smokeping-users] Re: RRD data and 'step' config parameter

Keith Redfield kredfield at airsurfwireless.com
Thu Dec 2 08:23:11 MET 2004

Well, it was probably covered in this comment:
Note that it is not possible to edit existing RRDs
by changeing the entries in the cfg file.
but I didn't fully grasp the consequences. I'm happy to contribute an FAQ, but my perl code is renowned for it's resemblence to BASIC.

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Subject: Re: [smokeping-users] RRD data and 'step' config parameter

Yesterday Keith Redfield wrote:

> Is rrdtool/smokeping only storing selected readings regardless of
> the step interval? Or is the problem because I started this RRD
> file on 300sec orginally and did a 'smokeping --restart' when I
> later changed step to 90? (I would consider that a bug). Or am I
> just completely clueless as to what the raw data is actually
> showing?

this exactly is the problem ... smokeping does not somehow
magically alter the resolution of the rrdfiles later on .. it might
generate some warning if it finds an rrdfile that does not match
though ... patches welcome ...


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