[smokeping-users] Remote Fping Documentation Suggestion

King, Michael MKing at bridgew.edu
Mon Dec 20 23:04:01 MET 2004

Could I make a suggestion for  Remote Fping probe's documentation site?

I just downloaded and installed Smokeping the other day, so I'm very new
to it. The Remote Fping probe was the hardest for me to configure, and
viewing the archives, I found that this seems to be true with other
people.  I finally found the answer to my problem with the --debug

Currently the Website is a little hard to follow, because it has the
really  basic assumption that you understand SmokePing's config file.
It's taken me a few hours of trial and error to get here, but I have a
basic enough understanding.  It's not exactly perfect, but I've got
enough of a handle to get 5 different probes to work.  So if my little
suggestion is grossly wrong, please let me know.

I'd suggest changing the example on 

To something like this to help the people like me who didn't understand
on the first thru fifth readings:


 *** Probes ***
 + RemoteFPing
 binary = /usr/bin/ssh
 packetsize = 1024
 forks = 1

*** Targets ***
+ Targetname
Probe = RemoteFPing
Menu = menuname
Title = Remote Fping from HostA to HostB
Host = HostB.barfoo.com
rhost = HostA.foobar.com
ruser = foo
rbinary = /usr/local/sbin/fping


And double check something for me, in the Options second, the first
paragraph it says "binary option specifies the path of the remote shell
It would seem to me should that option be rbinary?

I never actually figured this part out.

Thanks for a great program.  I'm off to create my army of boxes to drop
off at my different sites.


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