[smokeping-users] Problem with adding new parameter into Targets

Jing Shen laojing at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 10:34:26 MET 2004


I want to enable additional parameter in smokeping
configuration file.That is, after modificaion the
configuration file is expected to include item like:

+++ BB-2-128

menu = PS=128B
title = Probe with 3 ICMP packets of 128
bytes every 20 seconds
host =
probenum = 3


I started with Smokeping.pm.In subroutine get_parse(),
I changed definition of $TARGET

"#       _vars     => [ qw (probe menu title alerts
note email host remark) ],
       _vars     => [ qw (probe menu title alerts note
email host remark probenum) ],
", also add following in the same object definition

        probenum => {
                        _doc => <<DOC
The number indicate number of probing invoked.

before 'host' definition. 

Also do I modify definition in Targets section of
configuration file , as:
#          _vars       => [ qw(probe menu title remark
alerts) ],

                   _vars       => [ qw(probe menu
title remark probenum alerts) ],

" , also add probenum in its variable definition.

But, when I modified smokeping configuration file to
include 'probenum', the cgi scripts always generates
the following 
ERROR: /home/joe/bin/netmon/etc/config, line 160:
unknown variable 'probenum'

I tried hard to find out the reason for this but
failed anyway.

Is there anybody would do me a favor to help with

Thanks in advance.

Joe Shen

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