[smokeping-users] FW: Can't get SmokePing to work (No data collected)

Liew, Dennis (MSDD) dennis-kh.liew at hp.com
Thu Jul 15 03:57:41 MEST 2004

Dear fellow SmokePing users,

I'm a newbie with SmokePing, do pardon me if my question seems stupid.
I've been struggling quite a while, but I'm still unable to get my copy
of SmokePing to work. I'm able to get the daemon running, but there
doesn't seems to be any data collected. 

The version that I've installed are:

OS - HP-UX 11.23 (HP-UX 11i v2)
SmokePing - Ver 1.30
RRDTools - Ver 1.0.48
Fping - Ver 2.4b
Web Server - HP-UX_Apache-based_Web_Server/2.0.46
Perl - v5.8.0 built for IA64.ARCHREV_0-thread-multi, Binary build 803
SpeedyCGI - Ver 2.22

On the smokeping script, I've omitted the 2 lib qw strings pointing to
blib/lib & blib/arch. These 2 directories are not found in my RRDTools
directory after I've compiled the RRDTools.

During the preparation phase, I manage to get all the required packages
installed onto my system. I've followed the documentation & configure
the rest of the files.


When I start smokeping via command line, the following output was noted:
### fping seems to report in 1 milliseconds Daemonizing ./smokeping ...

That's all, there's no error or other form of information. Is that


The output of --debug mode from smokeping indicates the following:
Launched successfully
Fping: probing 1 targets
ERROR: opening 'dummy': No such file or directory

I've not indicate "dummy" anywhere in my config file, why is it making
such complain. Any idea of this error?


The smokeping.cgi script is able to start up properly, and I'm able to
view the front page. However, when I start to drill in, the following
error was encountered:
ERROR: height below 10 pixels

I've not made any modification to the default value, any idea why I'm
getting this error?

During the next click on the menu item, the following error was
ERROR: unknown option "

When I click on the menu item again, the following error was displayed:
ERROR: unsupported graphics format "

The next click on the menu item shows this error:
ERROR: can't parse

Clicking on the menu item displayed this error:
ERROR: end time: unparsable time.

Did I miss a quote somewhere? I think my config file has some typo
error. I've replaced it with the original & modified again. Still no
luck... :-( 

Taking a look at my apache error_log indicates the following:

[ Date & Time ] [error] [client IP-Addr] Premature end of script
headers: smokeping.cgi, referer:

I've checked this error on the internet, but nothing useful turned up.
I've seen this error on the archive section, and has tested the
resolution provided by Mr David Andrew. I can get the html page created
without any error.

Has anyone else seen & resolve this error before?


Any suggestion/pointer is greatly appreciated.

Million thanks in advance for your help.

CC Tobi,
Thanks for your help in getting me subscribed to this mailing list ;-)

Dennis Liew

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