[smokeping-users] FreeBSD stops issuing probes...

Matt Lawson matt at prolexic.com
Tue Apr 5 15:44:22 MEST 2005

This may be the same issue as "Daemons Stops - No graphs created - 
after few hours ", or maybe not, but I want to clarify what I see...

Smokeping works fine for several hours, then we start getting alert 
emails saying 100% loss of information.  The smokeping process itself 
is still running (if you try to start it, it will say 'another 
smokeping process already running') and it continues to send out the 
alert emails.  However, no probes seem to be happening.

Now the probe that I'm using is one I wrote called CheckTcp.  It's a 
'one at a time' type probe and therefore uses the baseforks class.  
Currently I have forks=2 although I have also tried at forks=5 with the 
same result.  It is running with a timeout of 2s, x 4 pings and a 
number of targets up in the hundreds.

The last probe activity I see in the log is this (machine names and 
ip's masked out):

Apr  5 12:27:57 smokeping[25726]: CheckTcp: [addr1]: timeout (8 s) 
reached, killing the probe.
Apr  5 12:28:07 smokeping[25726]: CheckTcp: [addr2]: timeout (8 s) 
reached, killing the probe.
Apr  5 12:28:21 smokeping[25726]: CheckTcp: [addr3]: caught exception
Apr  5 12:28:30 smokeping[25726]: CheckTcp: [addr4]: timeout (8 s) 
reached, killing the probe.

All of this by itself is not necessarily unusual (the caught exception 
doesn't seem to be the killer; there are probes that do that then run 
again later).  The problem is that the probe activity simply stops.  I 
don't think it's a problem with my CheckTcp module, because even when I 
make it behave badly, the parent process will kill it off.  I'm 
thinking it must be in the baseforks level or higher, possibly a signal 
handling or child/parent process issue of some sort.

System is FreeBSD 5.2.1.
Hmmm, Looks like smokeping may be 1.28, I was expecting it to be 1.38, 
have to check on that..

Does any of this sound familiar?  Thanks.

- Matt

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