[smokeping-users] Re: Scripting to summarize smokeping rrd data

Tony.Cetera at thomson.com Tony.Cetera at thomson.com
Fri Aug 5 17:36:56 MEST 2005

Thank you.  Now that I have the data, 2 questions.

What is the best way to manipulate those numbers in exponential
notation?  I need them in decimal notation.

Those few lines of <gawk,perl,php,...> you speak of, can you point me
the direction of some examples?  It seems I don't need to do much more
than sum the median column and divide by the # of rows.  However, my
scripting isn't good enough to do that w/o some examples.


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On 05.08.2005 15:57 Tony.Cetera at thomson.com wrote

> I was wondering if someone could point me the right direction to
> accomplish the following.  I'd like to produce an average of the last
> days of RTT data for a ping test done by smokeping.  I would like to
> email myself that number as there is no need for any graph.  I know
> number isn't particularly relevant, but it will help with some
> statistics I need to produce.
> Is there a way to use "rrdtool fetch" to extract this number from the
> smokeping rrd files?

rrdtool fetch and a few lines of <gawk,perl,php,...> should do. E.g. 
rrdtool fetch test.rrd AVERAGE -s -30d-e | ...

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