[smokeping-users] SmokePing 2.0rc5, RRDtool 1.2.11 and UTF-8

Leoš Bitto smokeping at leos.cz
Sun Aug 14 16:26:40 MEST 2005


I have installed SmokePing 2.0rc5 on a server with Red Hat Enterprise 
Linux 4 ES with the original version of Perl 5.8.5-12.1 from Red Hat. 
RRDtool is the rpm package version 1.2.11-1.2.el4.test from the yum 
repository of Dag Wieërs. SmokePing is installed from the original 
package smokeping-2.0rc5.tar.gz. I have configured only some basic 
monitoring with FPing (version 2.4-1.b2.2.el4.rf from Dag Wieërs).

I want to have some czech characters in the descriptions of the 
monitored targets. I would like to use the UTF-8 encoding. For the HTML 
output it was sufficient to use "charset=UTF-8" in the configuration 
file of SmokePing - this made the cgi script send the proper charset in 
the HTTP header Content-Type. However, I still see some wrong characters 
in the graph titles. I assume that this would be some issue with RRDtool 
- how can I make it use the proper encoding? The environment variable 
LANG is set to en_US.UTF-8, which is the default for Red Hat Enterprise 
Linux 4 (set in /etc/sysconfig/i18n).

Thanks is advance for any advices.

Leoš Bitto

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