[smokeping-users] Re: SmokePing 2.0rc5, RRDtool 1.2.11 and UTF-8

Leoš Bitto smokeping at leos.cz
Mon Aug 15 01:11:59 MEST 2005

Erich Titl wrote:
> Leoš Bitto wrote:
>>I still prefer using UTF-8, which seems to be a final solution, over 
>>some one-time hacks. Erich - the HTML entities are a nice try, but they 
>>do not work for me. There are entities for the ISO-8859-1 AFAIK, but I 
>>need at least ISO-8859-2, preferably even full UTF-8. Hacking RRDtool to 
>>understand them is a work which can be easily avoided by using the 
>>appropriate value for the environment variable LANG, combined with the 
>>appropriate charset=... in smokeping's configuration file.
> Thanks for bringing me up to date, how do you enter the utf-8 characters 
> to smokeping's config file.
> Thanks
> Erich

Use any UTF-8 aware editor of your choice. I prefer vim, which I usually 
run in a UTF-8 aware terminal (mostly putty, run on Windows). Or you 
could edit the file remotely and then upload it to your server. For 
example Notepad in Windows XP can save in UTF-8. In Windows I still 
prefer vim, though.


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