[smokeping-users] Re: SmokePing 2.0rc5, RRDtool 1.2.11 and UTF-8

Erich Titl erich.titl at think.ch
Mon Aug 15 14:24:40 MEST 2005

I should not have declared success so quickly, this is the situation
right now:

- I have a UTF8 encoded config file with umlaut characters for ä ö ü
- I used these for menu _and_ title bars

0006020 342e 312e 0a0a 2b2b 202b 6142 7465 7774
          .   4   .   1  \n  \n   +   +   +       B   a   e   t   t   w
0006040 6c69 0a0a 656d 756e 3d20 4220 74e4 7774
          i   l  \n  \n   m   e   n   u       =       B 344   t   t   w
0006060 6c69 740a 7469 656c 3d20 4220 74e4 7774
          i   l  \n   t   i   t   l   e       =       B 344   t   t   w
0006100 6c69 3120 2e30 3532 2e30 2e36 0a31 6f68
          i   l       1   0   .   2   5   0   .   6   .   1  \n   h   o

- I use .htaccess _and_ the method preferred by Tobias to set the
language environment

<Files "smokeping.cgi">
SetEnv LANG en_US.UTF-8


use Smokeping 1.99006;
use POSIX;

setlocale (LC_ALL,"en_US.UTF-8");

- I have the minmi panel titles displayed correctly now, but the menu
titles _and the titles for the individual pages show now graphical
characters instead of the umlaut characters.

So back to square 1

any ideas



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