[smokeping-users] Re: Using mutt rather than Sendmail?

Ian Fraser ianfr at nortel.com
Fri Dec 2 19:19:00 MET 2005

 Ahh.. Yes so I invoked --morning instead and it does appear to use
mutt, but mutt bypassed the SMTP_AUTH portion so the server rejects the
connection... It DID use the alternate SMTP Port though, so it's
something in the mutt backend it would seem now.. Interesting. Thanks!

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On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 11:36:32AM -0500, Ian Fraser wrote:
> Is it possible to have smokeping send email using mutt instead of 
> sendmail ? I've modified the config to point sendmail=/usr/bin/mutt 
> but when I run tSmoke --testmail I see nothing going to the SMTP 
> server (I should shouldn't I ?)


I suppose mutt should work, if it supports sendmail-style options.
Smokeping calls sendmail as

# <sendmail-program> -f <from-address> <to-address>

so there's nothing fancy there.

The tSmoke '--testmail' option is unfortunately misnamed. It apparently
doesn't really send anything, just tells where the mail would go.
I think I'll fix this for the next release. Meanwhile, I guess you can
test with eg. '--morning' just as well.


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