[smokeping-users] DNS probe issues w/FreeBSD 5.3

Vinny Abello vinny at tellurian.com
Sat Feb 19 01:38:44 MET 2005

Hello all,

	I seem to get ongoing weird results with this monitor. I can manually run 
dig countless times with success against DNS servers but letting it run as 
a probe through smokeping records data of ~25% loss to pretty much all name 
servers. This is on a FreeBSD 5.3 system. All other probes seem to work 
accurately for the most part. I have numerous other monitoring and probing 
methods that I can run against the DNS servers that show not a single 
failed response so I'm fairly certain this is an issue with my probe 
configuration or with Smokeping. I noticed this got much worse after I 
compiled a new version of BIND and started using the dig binary from that 
port. Again, it works fine otherwise running manually repeated times from 
what I can tell.

My probe config looks simply like this:

binary = /usr/local/bin/dig

and a target looks like this:

+ Main

menu = Main Menu
title = Main Menu

++ DNS

menu = DNS Servers (lookup)
title = DNS Server lookup response time
probe = DNS

+++ ns1

menu = ns1.domain.com
title = Primary Name Server ns1.domain.com
host = ns1.domain.com
lookup = www.domain.com

Any ideas of why this might be happening? I also seemed to get slightly 
different results across the board when I upgraded Perl a while back and 
recompiled/reinstalled all ports dependent on Perl.

One other question not quite related... When using the http or smtp probe 
utilizing Echoping, when does the monitor end recording the time it took 
for the "ping" to take place? In other words, what designates the value 
recorded? Is it retreiving the full page at a given url with EchoPingHttp? 
Is it getting a 220 banner back from the SMTP server with the EchoPingSmtp 

Thanks for any help or insight in advance. I couldn't find these answers 
anywhere else. It's possible I didn't look hard enough and if this is the 
case, kindly point me to the right resources. I'm not afraid to read. :)

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