[smokeping-users] Re: DNS probe issues w/FreeBSD 5.3

Vinny Abello vinny at tellurian.com
Mon Feb 21 05:17:23 MET 2005

At 02:13 AM 2/19/2005, Niko Tyni wrote:
>On Fri, Feb 18, 2005 at 07:38:44PM -0500, Vinny Abello wrote:
> >       I seem to get ongoing weird results with this monitor. I can 
> manually run
> > dig countless times with success against DNS servers but letting it run as
> > a probe through smokeping records data of ~25% loss to pretty much all 
> name
> > servers. This is on a FreeBSD 5.3 system. All other probes seem to work
>try if the attached patch helps. It's going to be in the next release.
>Apparently some platforms, at least Solaris, set the select() exception
>flag on a pipe file descriptor if the process at the other end has
>already exited. The select handling code in lib/probes/basefork.pm
>isn't prepared for that, and treats it as an error condition.
>Linux, Digital Unix (or whatever it's nowadays called), and HP-UX don't
>do this, but FreeBSD might. I guess I should install a *BSD somewhere
>just for testing...

Thanks Niko! That patch has corrected the issue for me. :) I'm showing 
accurate responses now with no loss which is what my other tools show as 
well so it looks like it's fixed.

> > One other question not quite related... When using the http or smtp probe
> > utilizing Echoping, when does the monitor end recording the time it took
> > for the "ping" to take place? In other words, what designates the value
> > recorded? Is it retreiving the full page at a given url with EchoPingHttp?
> > Is it getting a 220 banner back from the SMTP server with the EchoPingSmtp
> > probe?
>EchoPingHttp just calls echoping(1) with the '-h' argument, and
>EchoPingSmtp with '-S', and uses the timestamp echoping returns. In the
>SMTP case, it looks like it just sends QUIT immediately and sees how
>long it takes for the connection to close. In the HTTP case it's
>downloading the full page.
>The echoping source code is authoritative on this, of course, so look
>there if you really need to know :)

Thanks for the info! :)

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