[smokeping-users] Trouble recording huge pings

Aaron Wolfe aawolfe at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 20:52:21 MEST 2005


I am trying to convince my ISP that a router in their network is the
source of trouble we are having by using smokeping from each side to
show where the latency happens.

The problem we are trying to fix is strange, it is very intermittant
and when the latency occurs, it will last for only 5 to 15 seconds. 
Ping times during these periods go from the normal 40-50ms to as high
as 15,000ms  (yes, 15,000).   While a command line ping running will
show these insane values, fping times out at 500ms.  This seems to
leave holes in the graph with kind of show the problem on very short
time period graphs but the holes are lost in the longer term graphs
and so we have a flat line where we should really have huge spikes.

I have tried pinging 1 packet every second and also 3 packets every 3
seconds (i believe fping waits 1 second between pings to the same host
anyway).  I have edited FPing.pm to pass the argument -t15000 to
fping, hopefully causing fping to wait long enough for the returned
packets.  My graphs now show some returns at over 1,000 but they more
often just leave periods of time blank.

Is there a way to make these times when all packets are timed out look
really obvious on a long term graph, or a way to get smokeping
actually recording the HUGE return times I'm seeing?

Thanks for any help.  These guys are being real PITA about fixing
their network, insisting the problem is on our end (I have done
everything under the sun to make sure that is not the case).   Running
a ping at the commandline shows that it's obviously a particular set
of routers in their network that the problem occurs, but I need
something prettier to convince the non technical folks to take action


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