[smokeping-users] 回复: Re: Forks & monitoring data reliability

Joe Shen sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Jun 7 06:08:09 MEST 2005


thanks for your help.

> I'm afraid I don't quite understand. Maybe you're
> mixing up the 'host'
> variable (the DNS server to be probed) and the
> 'lookup' variable (the
> DNS name to be looked up)? If you are testing just a
> single server and
> 4 domain names, there should be just 4 targets (each
> having the same
> 'host' value, but a different 'lookup' value). Where
> do the numbers
> 40 or 45 come from?

It's the number of target in configuration file {
number_of_server(10)*number_of_domain_name(4) }, that
is, smokeping query each server with 4 domain name
every 5 miniutes, there is another three hosts probed
by Curl in the same configuration file. 

> The same query is done 20 (or whatever the 'pings'
> value is) times in a
> row for each target to get a decent sample of the
> average response
> time. This is not a bug, it's a feature :)

> > 1. If I set forks=80, would somkeping probe each
> host
> > with seperate process ? Could this way remove
> > sideeffect of sequent probing?
> If you have more 'forks' than targets, each target
> is probed at the
> same time in its own subprocess. 40 or 80 still
> sounds quite high,
> though.  I'm not sure what you mean by 'sequent
> probing' - maybe the
> '20 pings' stuff mentioned above?

Yes, I read DNS.pm code and found it probe target
server in a for() loop but not sending 20 queries in

> > 2. How to set up timeout value to reach most
> reliable
> > probing data set?
> It should be the number of seconds without response
> after which you
> decide that the server is down and is not going to
> respond at all.
> 10 might be a bit high here, but YMMV.

What value do you use for your DNS server checking? 10
seconds means the total time allowed for 20 probes or
for each probe?

> Hope this helps.

it does helps.



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