[smokeping-users] Using the smokeping --static option with de RADIUS-probe.

Patrick Renkens p.renkens at uci.ru.nl
Mon May 30 15:24:04 MEST 2005


I'm running Smokeping version 1.41, using the FPING-probe.
It runs nice and smooth. I use the --static option to generate the 
graphs, no problem(s).

But in combination with de RADIUS-probe, Smokeping cannot generate the 
graph's with the --static option. See error below.
The daemon however seems to run ok.

/usr/local/smokeping/bin/smokeping --static='path'
Use of uninitialized value in hash element at 
/usr/local/smokeping/lib/Smokeping.pm line 2330.
Use of uninitialized value in method with known name at 
/usr/local/smokeping/lib/Smokeping.pm line 2330.
Can't call method "step" on an undefined value at 
/usr/local/smokeping/lib/Smokeping.pm line 2330.

This is a part of my config:

*** Probes ***

+ Radius

*** Targets ***

probe = Radius

menu = Top
title = Network Latency Grapher
remark = SmokePing statistics for blah blah . . .

username = user at domain
password = xxxx
secret = xxxx
port = 1812

+ system1

menu = system1
title = Network Latency for system1
alerts = bigloss,someloss,startloss
host = system1.domain
remark = blah blah

+ system2

menu = system2
title = Network Latency for system2.domain
alerts = bigloss,someloss,startloss
host = system2.domain
remark = blah blah

+ system3

menu = system3
title = Network Latency for system3.domain
alerts = bigloss,someloss,startloss
host = system3.domain
remark = blah blah

+ system4

menu = system4
title = Network Latency for system4.domain
alerts = bigloss,someloss,startloss
host = system4.domain
remark = blah blah

The rest of the config file is pretty much default is does not differ 
from the configfile I use in combination with Fping (and runs fine).

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards,
Patrick Renkens
E-mail: p.renkens at uci.ru.nl

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