[smokeping-users] packet loss alert pattern

Dez Cadena dez at otenet.gr
Tue Nov 22 17:14:31 MET 2005

Hello all,

I was trying to figure out how to use *X* in packet loss patterns (for alerts).
According to the example config that ships with smokeping:

type = loss
# in percent
pattern = >0%,*12*,>0%,*12*,>0%
comment = loss 3 times  in a row

whereas the same pattern (with a different name) in $SMOKEPING/doc/smokeping_config.5 :

type = loss
# in percent
pattern = >0%,*12*,>0%,*12*,>0%
comment = detected loss 3 times over the last two hours

The comment in "miniloss" makes more sense to me than the one in "someloss". 

Anyway, if I wanted to write a pattern that would detect loss 4 times in 40 minutes, 
would the following pattern be correct?
pattern = >0%,*8*,>0%,*8*,>0%,*8*,>0%

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