[smokeping-users] Re: Help

Craig Dibble craig at rootdev.com
Mon Aug 14 02:44:59 MEST 2006

Vibin Andrews wrote:

> 2. If there is a packet loss in any of the probed host, the displayed grpah
> stops not only to this host, but all other probed hosts too, and all graphs
> are getting resumes when the problematic host is up again. We are using same
> probe to all hosts. Is that a problem?

Hi Vibin,

I have seen this behaviour in the past and it turned out to be incorrect 
mail settings - the server specified in the line:

mailhost = your.mail.smarthost

was not reachable, so smokeping was timing out trying to send alerts via 
the Net::SMTP module and stopped logging data for any hosts until the 
failed host recovered. It may be worth checking. If you don't need to 
specify a mailhost just comment out that line and leave sendmail to 
handle the alert delivery, assuming you have the line:

sendmail = /usr/sbin/sendmail

and sendmail is properly configured to send mail for that server.

Hope that helps. If not it may help to post your config, or the output 
of 'smokeping --debug-daemon' if you can capture it during an outage.


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