[smokeping-users] Multiple Alerts, but with one holding priority

Eric Brander eric_mailing_list at rednarb.com
Thu Aug 24 14:47:45 MEST 2006


On some of my targets I have multiple alerts. For instance, I want to 
know when packet loss is over 5%, but I also want to know a different 
message when packet loss is = 100%. However, 100% loss is also over 5% 
so I get two alerts on the one failure. Is there any way to avoid that? 
Also, I have an Offline at Startup alert - I would love to have it so 
that if that condition is met then don't bother sending out the 
additional alerts on that target.

While I'm on the subject of Offline at Startup, I don't want to know 
when this pattern no longer applies. Using this alert I get an email 
initially saying the condition was met (==S,==U) and then 10 minutes 
later I get an alert stating that the condition "offline at startup" has 
cleared... which is true. The pattern is now ==U, ==U so it doesn't 
match. Is there anyway to avoid this?

BTW, I am using edgetrigger so I know when there is a failure and then 
when it gets resolved. I do not want an alert at every polling interval!

Any ideas? Maybe I need better logic in my alerts. I've pasted them 
below for your review:

type = loss
pattern = >5%,>5%,>5%
comment = Three or more polls showing greater than 5% packet loss.

type = loss
pattern = ==100%
comment = Host not responding on 1 (or more) consecutive intervals

type = rtt
pattern = ==S,==U
comment = Smokeping was restarted and this device was already off-line.

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