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> Dear All,
>   Thanx for reply and concerns...just stuck in 1 last step.
>   Can some 1 help me out with php and bash programming.. as i am able
> check the mail and compress it for sms using PHP script and wrote a
> program on bash to send the sms.... i m just wondering how to pass a
> stored in PHP variable or in <STDIN> to a bash script.
>   i have to excute this final command
>   echo <value of STDIN> | /usr/local/bin/gnokii --sendsms <mobile
>   Can some one help me out in this.. ??

If the value is passed to your script as a command line argument then
it's stored as $1 in bash. Excuse my pseudo-php below

$last_line = system('/path/to/yourscript $variable', $retval);

/path/to/yourscript --

echo $1 | /usr/local/bin/gnokii --sendsms <mobile Number>

If what you're passing includes spaces or special characters, enclose
"$variable" in quotes.


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