[smokeping-users] Feature Request: Correlation Function.

Ali ISIK fenlisesi at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 11:04:46 MET 2006

Hi, All,

Here is a typical situation that comes up during
the use of SmokePing:

(1) There is a problem somewhere between
    Subnet-S and Subnet-T.

(2) SmokePing is set up on a server named S0
    in Subnet-S.

(3) There is an important server T0 (target) in Subnet-T.
    SmokePing is probing that target and showing
problems, but we can't be sure whether the problem
is with the network or with the target server.

(4) To resolve this ambiguity, the admin sets up
    a clean, dependable linux box inside
Subnet-T, calls it T1 and adds T1 to the SmokePing
target list.  Now S0 is probing T0 as well as T1.

(5) The admin then wants to know how correlated the
    data for T1 and T1 are.  If there is a high correlation,
he figures, the problem must be due to something
common to both -- most likely, the network.

(6) The admin can visually inspect the graphs and
    reach a judgement, but a statistically correct
number would really help.  He figures he needs
something like a moving correlation indicator.  He
would just pick two targets to compare and the time
slice he wants examined.  In our example, he could

    "compare T0 and T1 between 12 and 18"

and SmokePing would produce a graph, each point of
which would show the correlation between the two
graphs in the last, say, 1/6 of the time slice, in this
case one hour.

wish you a happy, efficient new year,

--Ali ISIK

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