[smokeping-users] Re: Alerts cause Smokeping to stop working

Craig Dibble craig at rootdev.com
Thu May 4 02:51:04 MEST 2006

<debug output sent offlist>

Niko Tyni wrote:

> The 'no match for target' is just debugging info that shows the alert was
> not triggered this time. It's perfectly OK to have them.

Ok, that makes sense.

> This output doesn't help, but that's not your fault :)
> As a datapoint, could you try on server B how long it takes to fping an
> unreachable target:
> % time /usr/sbin/fping -C 10 -q -B1 -r1 -i10 <something that doesn't respond>
> I'm more suspicious of the sendmail side, though. Now that I look at it,
> you seem to have 'mailhost' defined. This means that Smokeping will use
> the Net::SMTP module instead of the sendmail program to send the mail.
> It's possible that sending mail via Net::SMTP just takes long for some
> reason... 

You could be on to something there - it turns out the specified mailhost 
itself was not reachable (human error there), so to kill two birds with 
one stone, here's the output of fping for that address:

# time /usr/sbin/fping -C 10 -q -B1 -r1 -i10 : - - - - - - - - - -

real    0m9.600s
user    0m0.000s
sys     0m0.002s

> You could try commenting out the 'mailhost' line (after making sure that
> /usr/sbin/sendmail is properly configured so it can be used for sending
> mail). That way the mail sending shouldn't take any time, as sendmail
> is going to queue it if the smarthost is slow or unreachable.

Done. Now I just have to wait for the next time there's a failure and 
see what happens. I might see if I can simulate a failure as it'll be a 
couple of weeks before the next target is brought online, but I'll need 
to clear that through Ops first ;-)

> I think the old version on server A didn't use Net::SMTP at all, so
> that at least might be the key.

Ah, hopefully that's it. I've CC'ed this back to the list in case it 
helps anyone else and I'll post an update when I can confirm if it fixed 
the problem (or not).

Many thanks for your help,

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