[smokeping-users] SNMP error with CiscoRTTMonEchoICMP

Daniele Lucini daniele.lucini at kyneste.com
Tue Nov 28 12:22:22 MET 2006

Hello All,

I am having problems with CiscoRTTMon and smokeping.
I configured 6 probes, for all the probes I am getting 
3 or 4 times every day the following logging messages:

Nov 28 01:10:23 server smokeping[23017]: XXXXX at A.B.C.D:::::2 supports 2.2.0 Round Trip Time MIB
Nov 28 01:10:23 server smokeping[23017]: SNMP Error: Received SNMP response with error code   error status: inconsistentValue   index 1 (OID: SNMPv2c_Session (remote host: "A.B.C.D" [A.B.C.D].161)                    community: "XXXXX"                   request ID: 940003921                  PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes                      timeout: 2s                      retries: 5                      backoff: 1)  at /home/smokeping/lib/SNMP_util.pm line 786 

for 4 of the 6 probes when smokeping reports the above message it does not report 
any failure.
For two of them smokeping reports an alert at the same time it got the SNMP error 
(apparently it does not retry):

Nov 28 01:10:23 server smokeping[3806]: Alert offline is active for A.B.C.D

At the next step, after 5 minutes, it tries again and it works:

Nov 28 01:15:23 server smokeping[23950]: XXXXX at A.B.C.D:::::2 supports 2.2.0 Round Trip Time MIB
Nov 28 01:16:08 server smokeping[3806]: Alert online is active for A.B.C.D

I already tried to change all the settings in the probe configuration 
and also the default values for timeout, retries and backoff in SNMP_Session.pm,
but it does not make any difference.
I have installed smokeping on a second server and I am getting the same
logging messages, but at different time periods.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.

Daniele Lucini

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