[smokeping-users] small patch to let configure fping source IP

Philip Kizer pckizer at nostrum.com
Tue Apr 10 00:44:12 CEST 2007

On 2005, Apr 7, at 14:48, Cougar wrote:
> I patched fping so that it is possible to use any configured IP as a
> source address using -I like ping has. To use it wit smokeping I  
> made some
> small changes in smokeping (FPing module) also.
> both fping and smokeping patches are available here:
> http://wiki.version6.net/Patches
> With this patch you can use variable "source" in FPing probe config.

Well, I saw this message in the smokeping archives and when I started  
tracking it down I found multiple of the related links to possible  
fping patches to it to be dead or erroring (and the mentioned  
"contrib" download link for fping does not appear to exist).

Via another message:

On 2005, Apr 28, at 15:26, Marc Haber wrote:
> If things go well, Debian's fping will soon have a -S option to allow
> setting of the source IP address of the outgoing ping. The same patch
> has been submitted to fping's upstream and will hopefully be included
> up there. Now it needs to be possible to set the source IP of an FPing
> probe in smokeping to take advantage of that new feature.

I did some other searches that led me to this:

that seems to have a differing syntax.

Does anyone have a current/working/tested link to an fping patch such  
as the one alluded to that is the what smokeping was referencing when  
the sourceaddress option was added ("-S sourceIP" option for fping)?


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