[smokeping-users] Excaping options in config?

Simon Leinen simon at limmat.switch.ch
Fri Apr 13 18:30:24 CEST 2007

John A Kilpatrick writes:
> I need to get a URL with curl that has the following cookie sent along 
> with it:

> extraargs = --cookie user=A|u_username|g_#9202a8c04000641f80000000010c3643|4.OCVKpWMU3G05FElji40EWw;

> However, it's being truncated after the #.  How do I escape the # so that 
> it is sent?  \ isn't working, neither is quoting.

Have you tried using an alternative encoding for the #, such as %23?
I'm not sure which encoding is used for cookies.

Alternatively, put the cookie in a file (whose filename doesn't
contain a # :-), and use the =-less syntax of the --cookie argument
(--cookie filename).

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