[smokeping-users] cannot get background_loss to work, any ideas?

Ian Griswold ian.griswold at globalpay.com
Mon Aug 6 21:01:32 CEST 2007


finally found the config for "background_loss" and tried to enable it.
Here is my config:

Smokeping version 2.000009

+ detail

width = 600
height = 200
unison_tolerance = 2
nodata_color = ff8080
loss_background = yes
"Last 3 Hours"    3h
"Last 30 Hours"   30h
"Last 10 Days"    10d
"Last 400 Days"   400d

When I restart the daemon I get this output:

griswoia at SmokePing:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/smokeping restart
Restarting smokeping: ERROR: /etc/smokeping/config, line 94: unknown
variable 'loss_background'

OK so what's the issue?  Anyone else running smokeping V2.x and get the
background_loss function going?


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