[smokeping-users] slave_cache file help

Bill Simon bills at psu.edu
Tue Dec 4 19:29:39 CET 2007

Smokeping users,

In master/slave setup I see data on my smokeping graphs for the master 
but not the slaves.  Slave data shows up as "NaN".

Syslog shows this message for every slave_cache file:

Dec  4 11:54:02 localhost smokeping[2883]: Could not lock 
/home/test/smokeping/data/Core/Telecom-VoIP-Core/CM5.slave_cache. Can't 
load data.

The smokeping daemon and web server are running as the same user 
(apache) and apache user has full control of the data directory.  The 
RRD files and the slave_cache files show up as owned by user apache, so 
it is not clear to me why the "Could not lock" error is occurring.

This is Smokeping 2.2.7 on Solaris 9.

Any ideas?


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