[smokeping-users] Embedded modules?

Terje Bless link at pobox.com
Fri Jun 8 16:11:21 CEST 2007

tobi at oetiker.ch (Tobias Oetiker) wrote:

>if you feel so strongly about it, then just go ahead and merge the smokeping
>modules into the perl tree, […]. This is opensource after all. […] I have
>explained to you why I don't think this is a good aproach from where I stand.

Heh. That's why I started out asking whether there was any 
chance I'd be able to persuade you. :-)

The thing is, another part of Fedora's packaging policy is to 
stay as close as possible to upstream. Ideally a package would 
apply no patches against upstream source; and performing major 
surgery on modules is definitely not a desired way to go about 
things. Second-guessing the upstream project is not a game I 
particularly want to get into.

By that consideration I'm going to start out submitting the 
package for review in line with how you do things in the source 
distribution. I'm expecting they'll bring up the issues I've 
mentioned in this thread, but then again I may well be wrong and 
they'll consider it entirely unproblematic.

Thank you for all the help and information!

Cheers, -link

   When I decide that the situation is unacceptable for me, I'll 
simply fork
   the tree.   I do _not_ appreciate being enlisted into 
anyone's holy wars,
   so unless you _really_ want to go _way_ up in my  personal 
shitlist don't
   play politics in my vicinity.                   -- Alexander 
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