[smokeping-users] Do I need multiple instances to have smokeping maintain separate URLs?

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Wed Mar 28 08:22:37 CEST 2007

Hi James,

> I'm afraid I'm not a perl person, which is why I had hoped this could
> be done either within a single config file, or by simple modifications
> to per-instance config files with no modifications to the smokeping
> source.  Given that this goal may not be possible, I am designing
> a way to run multiple smokeping instances with the minimum number
> of hacks to the source.

there is no modification to the source needed ... @include is a
smokeping config statement that allows you to include a partial
config file into another one ...

> Owner    = Ex Ample
> contact  = support at example.com
> from = XX-smokealert at example.com
> to = XX-smokeadmin at example.com
> tmail = /usr/local/etc/smokeping/tmail
> syslogfacility = local0
> (and probably lots of others)
> Some variables NEED NOT be unique, and may be shared by any or all
> smokeping instances without ill effects:

if you are looking to run 'independant' smokeping instances, it is
best todo just that and maybe use @include to load some common
settings ...

> The CGI has no mechanism to allow the caller to pass it a config file
> name.  The config file name is hardcoded into the CGI source code.

yes this is intentional ... but since the 'cgi-source' is only 2
lines of code or so, it is very simple to keep multiple copies with
different config files ...

(yes I know I did not answer ALL your questions)


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