[smokeping-users] RRD graph errors with 2.2.6

Dez Cadena dez at otenet.gr
Thu Nov 1 10:15:37 CET 2007


have you defined "color" in your "Slaves" section for 
slave.merit.edu ?

Russell Dwarshuis wrote:
> I'm running 2.2.6 on a host like master.merit.edu and I just added a slave 
> with a display_name like slave.merit.edu  Data is being collected 
> successfully in the RRDs, but I'm getting an rrd graph error for the top 
> level of each target from the web site.  A sample of the web page output 
> with the applicable lines is:
> ERROR: Could not parse color in ''
> (snip)
> 'AREA:dmlow1'
> 'AREA:s2d1#ff000030::STACK'
> 'LINE1:dm1#ff0000:median RTT from master.merit.edu'
> (snip)
> 'AREA:dmlow2'
> 'AREA:s2d2#::STACK'
> 'LINE1:dm2#:median RTT from '
> So it looks like s2d2 and dm2 are missing the color specification, and dm2 
> is also missing "slave.merit.edu" after "from".  The individual host 
> graphs are OK, except the name is also missing on the slave.merit.edu 
> graphs.
> Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
> Thanks,
>                                       -Russell Dwarshuis

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