[smokeping-users] Multi Target Graph -- config example request

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Wed Nov 7 13:30:03 CET 2007

Hi Ian,

menu = DNS Root from Init7
title = DNS Root Servers as seen from Init7
host = /rootns/B /rootns/C /rootns/D \
       /rootns/F /rootns/I \
       /rootns/J /rootns/K /rootns/L /rootns/M

or a more complex one with slaves

menu = DNS Root from ETH
title = DNS Root Servers as seen from ETH
host = /rootns/B~mipsrv01 /rootns/C~mipsrv01 /rootns/D~mipsrv01 \
       /rootns/F~mipsrv01 /rootns/I~mipsrv01 \
       /rootns/J~mipsrv01 /rootns/K~mipsrv01 /rootns/L~mipsrv01 \

the 'hosts' are the 'path names' in the config tree ... the bits
after the '~' are slave names ...

the config tree looks like this:

*** Targets ***


Today Ian Griswold wrote:

> OK got 2.2.6 fully working, even the zooming functions, SWEET! but need
> an example of the Multi Target Graph config.
> I've read the docs and maybe am just missing it, even tried some logical
> guesswork on the config.  But can someone please share a snippet of code
> for multiple targets in a single graph?
> Thanks
> Ian

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