[smokeping-users] results problem

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Wed Nov 21 16:33:07 CET 2007

Hi Peter,

there are three things that could be causing this:

a) you are running smomkeping on a virtual machine, some people
   have observed problems with timeing in this context ...

b) you have a firewall in your network path wich is 'protecting'
   your network from 'ping attacks'

c) you have a firewall on your rh-box doing the same ...


Today gghgh ghghgh wrote:

> Hello
> I recently setup smokeping on fedora core 5 machine. It runs ok only problem is if i try to setup config that it pings like 2 or more
> hosts at the same time results shown on graphs come back with packetloss for every host. I tryed to setup my probes by instructions on
> the site with no real efect. I see that many sites have set it up for several 100 hosts. Can any one help me please so that fping will
> ping hosts  that the results will be ok.I played with setings for probes hostinterval timeout......  Some examples for pinging 10
> hosts would be helpfull please and how the probe for fping is setup correctly.
> regards Peter
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