[smokeping-users] Satellite link - Packet Loss error

mlists at pinesalad.net mlists at pinesalad.net
Thu Oct 11 00:12:27 CEST 2007

Ok.. I think I'm seeing some of the issues being discussed
or have a couple to add.

With timeout being set to 2.5 in the config I can see
latency being graphed as high as 16 seconds and still have
a green 0/0 packet loss.

I was expecting fping to time out at 2.5 and this be considered a
loss but that theory doesn't seem to be holding. Seems to be
opposite of what Chris and Adrian were indicating when timeout is
not used as well.

With a 19/20 packet loss, I see multiple shades of gray for
latency plots and the red median bar not plotted in the middle
of them. 

Had thought there wouldn't have been any shading (i.e. smoke) with
a 19/20 loss plot as there was only 1 packet received and where the
red bar went would have been the result and not an average? 

I'm not sure what the rules are here about posting attachments so 
I've put two png samples on imageshack in the meantime.

High Latency with timeout at 2.5 example:

High Loss Plot Error Example:


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