[smokeping-users] Your fping binary doesnt support source address setting (-S)

Greg Stucky gstucky at surfbest.net
Sat Oct 27 06:25:26 CEST 2007

I am trying to setup smokeping on a SuSe 10.2 box.  I have downloaded 
and installed Smokeping and now I am trying to configure and run it.   
When I try and run Smokeping I get the following error message:

Note: your fping binary doesn't support source address setting (-S), I 
will ignore any source address configurations. 

I have downloaded a few different versions of  fping and tried them with 
the same results.   All I want to do is monitor a few hosts. If it enter 
fping in a console window I get a reply "The host is alive".

Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Let me know if there is any 
information which would be helpful.

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