[smokeping-users] Your fping binary doesnt support source address setting (-S)

Scott Z. mlists at pinesalad.net
Tue Oct 30 01:43:06 CET 2007


If I recall this only affects you if your going to be pinging out through multiple interfaces on the same box.  If you are going to use a single Ethernet port for your pings then it's nothing to worry about.

Otherwise you need to get the patch and fping source to compile an fping version with source addressing enabled. Details are on the Smokeping homepage under the install requirements section.


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> Subject: [smokeping-users] Your fping binary doesnt support source
> address setting (-S)
> From: Greg Stucky <gstucky at surfbest.net>
> Date: Fri, October 26, 2007 9:25 pm
> To: smokeping-users at lists.oetiker.ch
> I am trying to setup smokeping on a SuSe 10.2 box.  I have downloaded 
> and installed Smokeping and now I am trying to configure and run it.   
> When I try and run Smokeping I get the following error message:
> Note: your fping binary doesn't support source address setting (-S), I 
> will ignore any source address configurations. 
> I have downloaded a few different versions of  fping and tried them with 
> the same results.   All I want to do is monitor a few hosts. If it enter 
> fping in a console window I get a reply "The host is alive".
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.   Let me know if there is any 
> information which would be helpful.
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