[smokeping-users] need a performance recommendation

Jeff Williams jeffwilliams05 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 21:30:13 CEST 2007

I need recommendations to increase performance on our smokeping server. We
are running smokeping 2.2.3 with rrdtool-1.3beta1 on a Dual Xeon 2ghz
machine with 2g of ram. I'm not sure of the hard drive specs, but I believe
they are at least 10K rpm Serial Attached SCSI.

We currently have 6200+ ip addresses to ping, with that number increasing
every few days as we add stores, and we would like to ping them 15-20 times,
if possible, every 5 minutes. When I initially set this up, I created a
number of different FPing probes with a script that creates the smokeping
config file, dividing the ip addresses up into the different probes somewhat
evenly. So, my questions are these:

1. Since each smokeping process and corresponding fping process take up
their own share of system resources (disk I/O, cpu, memory), am I better off
keeping the number of probes fairly low (< 5) or am I better off creating
another probe each time there are another couple hundred ip addresses?

2. Do my rrd settings affect whether the probes finish in their allotted
time or not? By settings I mean the AVG, MIN, and MAX hb, steps and total

3. I am currently using an offset of 0% for each probe, because I don't care
about how utilized the network becomes at this point, as well as a
mininterval and hostinterval of 0.001. I also have concurrentprobes set to
yes. Are those settings reasonable and do I need to be looking at other

4. Is it possible for us to achieve the goal of 15-20 pings per ip address
every 5 minutes with this hardware?

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Williams
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