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savitalaxmi savitalaxmi.vishwanathan at ril.com
Tue Apr 15 12:55:26 CEST 2008

Thanks Tobias,

I had a perl v5.6.1 installed on my server. I did install a new version 
of Perl and uninstalled the old one..(which i doubt was uninstalled)

Every module i installed uses the new Perl version.
But wen i installed SpeedyCGI (perl-CGI-SpeedyCGI-2.21-RH73.i386.rpm), 
it makes a folder of v5.6.1 which is a part of its script.

Also wen i install the latest version of CGI 
,perl-CGI-SpeedyCGI-2.22-1.2.fc5.rf.i386.rpm, it asks for 
Wen i install perl-5.8.5-36.RHEL4.i386.rpm, it asks for 
perl-Filter-1.30-6.i386.rpm and this rpm file asks for 
perl-5.8.5-36.RHEL4.i386.rpm again.
Pls help...
My Smokeping works fine...i get alerts also....

But wats the use , if i have no Graph?? :-(

Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> Hi You,
> Today savitalaxmi wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Can this issue be solved?
> you have an rrdtool installation for perl 5.6.1 on your machine
> while you are runnning with a perl 5.10 interpreter ... this does
> not mix well ... run with a single version of perl across the board
> and you will be fine.
> cheers
> tobi
>> [root at funambolds cgi-bin]# ./smokeping.cgi
>> Perl lib version (5.10.0) doesn't match executable version (v5.6.1) at
>> /usr/local/rrdtool-1.2.23/lib/perl/Config.pm line 46.
>> Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/rrdtool-1.2.23/lib/perl/lib.pm
>> line 6.
>> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/rrdtool-1.2.23/lib/perl/lib.pm
>> line 6.
>> Compilation failed in require at ./smokeping.cgi line 4.
>> BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./smokeping.cgi line 4.
>> speedy_backend[8516]: perl_parse error
>> speedy[8514]: Cannot spawn backend process

Savita V

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