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On Apr 17, 2008, at 8:26 AM, Marc Powell wrote:
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>> Anyone have any ideas here? Or should I start looking for an
>> alternative to smokeping entirely? If so, any suggestions? To date, I
>> haven't seen any non-commercial options that seem to fill the same
>> niche, but maybe I'm just missing something? At any rate, the current
>> situation as described below isn't an acceptable option. Thanks!
> Have you entertained the notion that there might actually be a problem
> with the line? Are the WAN or LAN lines? I know it's strange but I've
> seen a WAN circuit where fping wouldn't work but ping would. It's been
> years and I don't remember specifics unfortunately.

These are WAN lines, typically out in the bush and running over  
satellite links, so I could very easily entertain the notion that  
there is something wrong with the line :) Thus the reason I was  
looking for a standard ping, which does work. According to Tobias,  
though, this is not available. Hmmm.

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