[smokeping-users] No errors in smokeping logs, but VMware slave's graphs are "choppy"

Bruce Mackey Bruce.Mackey at whalebacksystems.com
Mon Apr 21 21:27:10 CEST 2008

I am not seeing any errors either on the slave or the master, but the
slave's graphs are showing 10-15 minutes of data, then 10-20 minutes of
gap when viewed on the Master.  This "loss" isn't real as a continuous
ping doesn't show any packet loss, either to the target or between the


The salve and master are both running 2.3.5

The slave and master are both running on Ubuntu 7.10, though the master
is running as a KVM/QEMU image and the slave is running as a VMware
image on a separate host.  The slave's time is set to synch from the
Host (it had been drifting badly when trying to just run NTP).

The log shows the slave "Sent data to Server. Server said OK"
approximately every 10 minutes.


Prior to moving the slave to VMware (it also had been a KVM/QEMU image)
there was no problem.  


Any suggestions?




Bruce Mackey

Network Architect

Whaleback Systems 



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