[smokeping-users] Mail Template <##URL##> not clickable.

Nathan Long nathanlong at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 19:01:39 CEST 2008

When viewing the email alert, the <##URL##> keyword is including [from
SLAVE]  tacked directly onto the end of the url.  This makes the link
unclickable from within an email client.  Is this something I have
configured incorrectly?

I have made a workaround in Smokeping.pm by adding another variable to take
the contents of $line before the [from $slave] text is added in, and then
including that in the $urlline variable instead of $line.  I could have
simply inserted a space before the [from $slave] on the line

     $line .= "[from $slave]" if $slave;

to make it clickable. However, these alerts are going to a pager and need to
be as clean as possible.  Possibly adding the keyword <##SLAVE##> in a
future release would make the configuration of mail templates easier.  This
is of course assuming that I haven't configured something incorrectly to
begin with.


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