[smokeping-users] Slave Graphs Multiple Traces

Jim Flowers jflowers at ezo.net
Tue Dec 9 17:19:54 CET 2008

I was quite surprised when I finally got my master/slave setup working on 
2.4.2 to find two traces on the target graph, one apparently from the slave 
host (red trace) to the target and another from the master host (blue trace) 
to the target.

Nice concept but for a slave behind a firewall probing internal hosts, the 
master trace is always 100% packet loss as it is blocked by the firewall.

I'm sure there is a way to configure it to only probe (and display) the slave 
host to target trace but I have not been able to work it out.

The configuration I am using is:

+++ User
menu = User Name
title = Username's servers
alerts = bigloss,someloss,startloss
alertee = user at username.com

... (other master targets)

++++ slave1  
slaves = slave1.username.com
menu = slave to internal
title = internal host
host = ###.###.###.###      
alerts =

Any hints appreciated, thanks.

Jim Flowers <jflowers at ezo.net>

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