[smokeping-users] Slave Graphs Multiple Traces

Jim Flowers jflowers at ezo.net
Tue Dec 9 17:49:57 CET 2008

>I was quite surprised when I finally got my master/slave setup working on 
>2.4.2 to find two traces on the target graph, one apparently from the slave 
>host (red trace) to the target and another from the master host (blue trace) 
>to the target.

>Nice concept but for a slave behind a firewall probing internal hosts, the 
>master trace is always 100% packet loss as it is blocked by the firewall.

>I'm sure there is a way to configure it to only probe (and display) the 
>host to target trace but I have not been able to work it out.

Never mind.  More mail list searching turned up 'nomasterpoll' with pointers 
to the documentation.

Working just right now.

Jim Flowers <jflowers at ezo.net>

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