[smokeping-users] Triggered priority alert misbehavior

Veniamin Konoplev V.Konoplev at rssi.ru
Mon Dec 15 17:03:32 CET 2008

Hi all,

I found misbehavior of prioritized triggered alerts. It is useful that
rising high priority alert masks low priority ones. But later, then
high-prio alert releases, node status becomes undefined since low-prio
alerts that can be still active are never exposed.

My proposition is as follow: then high-prio alert is clearing, check
for nearest active low-prio alert and expose It.

I realized a prototype of that algorithm, It does not reports clearing
alerts and belives that some alert with lowest priority is always
active. It produce the messages as follow:

time1: alert no-loss (init).
time2: alert medium-loss (rising).
time3: alert high-loss (rising).
time4: alert medium-loss (resuming).
time5: alert no-loss (resuming).

The code is attached as path to Smokeping.pm of version 2.4.2.

I hope that the current misbehavior will be corrected with the above
manner or something like this.

It would nice to hear the comments.

Kind regards,
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