[smokeping-users] how low can it go?

Vinny Abello vinny at tellurian.com
Fri Feb 1 20:25:48 CET 2008

I have smokeping monitoring several servers on the same LAN segment and it reports in the range of about 180µ to 500µ or microseconds.

Aaron Lewis wrote:
> Before I dig into setting up smokeping, I would like to ask if I can
> monitor very small latency numbers--sub millisecond?  All nodes are in
> a single building LAN.  I need to monitor latency over time to track a
> baseline, compare changes, etc.  Everything I've looked at on Windows
> (What's Up Gold, IPCheck) won't measure smaller than 1 ms.  Is this
> because the built in PING in windows doesn't resolve lower than 1 ms?
> I notice in any Linux distro, PING gives me numbers like 0.255 ms
> which is great.  So will smokeping work at this level?
> If so, what is the easiest way for someone to get smokeping running?
> I can setup a dedicated machine, maybe a few years old (P4, 1GB RAM,
> 120+ hdd) polling about 100 nodes on the LAN. I would probably want to
> monitor our ISP's DNS, web, and mail servers, which would be measured
> on the more "normal" ms level. Do some distros have smokeping
> installed already?  I'm fairly new to Linux, but work as a Windows
> system admin, Net+ certified.  I'm familiar with basic CLI
> administering though SSH.  Is there something like Remote Desktop for
> Linux?  Thanks!
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