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Christopher Hubbard Christopher.Hubbard at clearwire.com
Fri Jan 11 21:12:11 CET 2008

Sure, make a cron that sends you a daily summary, and put it in

I cheated and made a script that was called so I could easily change
things and not have to worry about cron itself..

Call a file with no args:
0 4 * * * root /path to script

In the file have:

#! /bin/bash
/PATH/smokeping/bin/tSmoke --q --to=(email addresses) --weekly

This will send an email at 04:00 server time.

Chris Hubbard
Christopher.hubbard at clearwire.com
Tier II Support Monkey

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Hi all

Is it possible to get smokeping to send a daily report so that I know
that it is working?


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