[smokeping-users] Possible problem with 'rawlog' option in smokeping 2.2.7

Kuriyama, Kent USNCIV NETWARCOM 77, 1, 1_6 kent.kuriyama at navy.mil
Wed Jan 30 12:11:44 CET 2008

When I enable the 'rawlog' option in the smokeping configuration file I
see the following error in syslog:

Usage: POSIX::strftime(fmt, sec, min, hour, mday, mon, year, wday = -1,
yday = -1, isdst = -1) at /usr/local/smokeping/lib/Smokeping.pm line

Line 1705 of 'Smokeping.pm' shows:

  my $file =  POSIX::strftime $tree->{rawlog},$update->[1];

This is in error, I believe the correct code should be:

  my $file =  POSIX::strftime $tree->{rawlog},localtime $update->[1];

After making this change the rawlog option is now working.  Can someone
please confirm this error?  Thanks.

Kent Kuriyama, 808-472-4125, 315-472-4125
SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego, Code 5242
kent.kuriyama at navy.smil/mil

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