[smokeping-users] DNS Probe oddity/question

Ryan Harden hardenrm at uiuc.edu
Wed Jul 23 16:42:11 CEST 2008

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Smokeping 2.3.5

I have a section configured as below. The problem seems to be that when
the LAST probe's "Server" is unavailable, the rest of the probes stop
working as well.

Before I added the last probe, any of the four previous could go down
without affecting the others. When the last one failed, all of the rest
stopped. Once I fixed it, the rest started working again.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

probe = DNS
menu = UIUCnet DNS
title = UIUCnet DNS Response Time
slaves = bbmon1-1 bbmon1-2 bbmon1-3 bbmon1-4 bbmon2-1 bbmon4-1 bbmon5-1
bbmon8-1 cites-buoy dclmr-buoy

++ argus-auth
menu = argus-auth
title = Argus Authoritative (xxxxxx)
lookup = www.uiuc.edu
server = xxxxx
host = xxxxxxx

++ argus-nonauth
menu = argus-nonauth
title = Argus Non-Authoritative (xxxxxx)
lookup = www.google.com
server = xxxxxx
host = xxxxxx

++ cyclops-auth
menu = cyclops-auth
title = Cyclops Authoritative (yyyyyy)
lookup = www.uiuc.edu
server = yyyyyy
host = yyyyyy

++ cyclops-nonauth
menu = cyclops-nonauth
title = Cyclops Non-Authoritative (yyyyyyy)
lookup = www.google.com
server = yyyyyyy
host = yyyyyy

++ anycast-dns
menu = Anycast DNS
title = Anycast DNS
lookup = dummyanycast.test.illinois.edu
server = zzzzzz
host = zzzzzzz

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