[smokeping-users] Smoke cut-off problem back in 2.4.0?

Brian Talley briant at lpbroadband.net
Sat Jun 14 18:18:08 CEST 2008

On Thu, 12 Jun 2008 09:31:06 -0400
Dan Hamilton <dhamilton at wecreate.com> wrote:

> Regarding issue #1:  I would love to have some config options to change 
> the way the graph scaling works:
> 1) the current method, with an arbitrary multiplier (ie, 1.5x median)
> 2) scaled to accommodate the highest smoke value
> 3) fixed scaling to an arbitrary value

Is the current method referenced "on the fly" when the graph is generated on the page, or is it
inherent in the RRD data?  I would assume the former.  If so, why not have a way to change the
option, per graph page, from the smokeping.cgi?  You could set your most-preferred method in the
config and then have the ability to drill in on something using one of the other techniques if
needed.  So, if your default was method 1, there would be a hyperlink somewhere on the graph page
to change to "see all smoke", maybe one for "no smoke", maybe one for "log scale", etc. etc.


Brian Talley
LP Broadband :: briant at lpbroadband.net

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