[smokeping-users] TCPPing probe doesn't generate data

David Tomic young_einstein at internode.on.net
Sun Jun 15 16:25:25 CEST 2008

David Tomic wrote:
> G.W. Haywood wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> On Sun, 15 Jun 2008, David Tomic wrote:
>>> If I execute the same command as smokeping is doing, then I seem to get
>>> proper results...
>> Do you by any chance have two different versions of tcpping and/or
>> tcptraceroute installed on the system?
> No I don't.  In any case, Smokeping and I are both executing exactly 
> the same path/command, so it should be okay right?
> One thing that I have wondered about, is whether this could be some 
> sort of permissions problem somewhere?
> My login is just a "normal" user account [IE - I'm not logged in as 
> root or anything], and I don't seem to have any problems executing 
> tcpping/tcptraceroute from there, so is it possible that there could 
> still be some sort of permissions error somewhere that's causing this 
> problem?
> FWIW I'm running Ubuntu 8.04, and just installed Smokeping through 
> their software repository.  As part of that installation, it seems to 
> have created a seperate 'smokeping' user + group, so could that 
> possibly have something to do with the problem?
> I'm still [relatively] new to the whole Linux world, so I'm sure that 
> I don't quite have my head around all these permissions/etc properly yet.
> Is there an easy way to check and/or rule out any sort of permission 
> error as the source of my problem?
> Again ... much appreciated for all your help!
> Regards,
> --David Tomic

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